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Lecture 6

Eight, enlightenment and enlightenment

Continue to talk about the issue of cultivation today. Repairing is to cultivate wisdom.

5. Increase slowly

When a person completes the initial fruit, he should self-certify that he has completed the initial results. However, practitioners often have a problem, that is, they have not yet been repaired, and they think they have repaired a certain fruit. Self-affirmation: I have already cultivated this way, and the Dharma called the troubles of undocumented evidence to be slower. According to the theory, the initial fruit will sometimes increase the initial fruit, and the second fruit will sometimes increase the growth of the two fruits. The three fruits will sometimes increase the slowness of the three fruits. There will be a slow increase in the four fruits. It is not a proverb to increase the slowness. He himself does not know and thinks that he has been there. When the slower person knows that he is increasing slowly, he must admit that he was self-righteous at the time, otherwise he is a big proverb. Are you increasing slowly? Don't fall in! Be more careful with big slang!

6. Fruiting

Now living in law

How to verify whether the initial results? If you think that you have finished the first fruit, is it really done? The first fruit is to let me down. In the last product of "Clean Taoism", it is said that the merits of Xiuhui said that if a person completes the initial fruit, he will get a certain set, called fruit. If it is not set, it is said to be the current law in the classics. If a person finishes the initial fruit, he will enjoy the happiness of the testimony, and he can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. This is the present law of the testimony, and now the French music is more comfortable than the four Zen. If you complete the four meditations and the first fruits, you will know that the current method of living is more fun than the four zens, and more comfortable. This music is not the happiness of the world, nor the happiness of the three Zens. It is a very calm and comfortable feeling. This kind of feeling makes you feel that your whole body is very light, a kind of tranquility from the world. At that time, you were not interested in everything in the world, and your heart was naturally quietly set in it.

If you really finish the first fruit, you must be confident that you have such a thing. If you want others to prove it, you will have no confidence in your initial testimony. So, once you think that you have completed the first fruit, you should go to live with the law. If you experience the present law, you will know and confident that there is such a happy life, you will be very confident. I am sure that the legal music is a pleasure to enjoy. Whether or not a person has completed the first fruit through practice, he can also try to live in the present law. If he really completes the first fruit, he must be qualified (capable) to enjoy the happiness of the testimony, that is, the present law must be present. Happy to live. If he didn't finish the fruit, there would be no way to feel it. Now the French Music Club will retreat with your meditation. This means that if your meditation is retreating, your current law will be retired.

If you have not completed the four meditations, you will not know how happy the music is, but if you complete the four meditations, you will know that the happiness gained by wisdom is more comfortable than the happiness of the revision. In the classics, there are also four meditations. what's going on? That is to say, if a person comes out of the four meditations, he will be very comfortable, his mind is very clean, and he will feel the water when he encounters any realm. If the force of the four Zen is gone, this feeling will be gone. It will be necessary to rebuild the four Zen. As long as you complete the four zen, you will always enjoy the happiness that comes from the four meditations.

When enjoying the present law, sometimes you will make a mistake and go to the decision. You must be clear that the current law is not settled, you can't make a mistake, don't set the center to enter. When someone is living in the present law, if you can see it, you can see that there will be light up on his head, and the light will rise very high. You don't need to be settled, as long as you want to enjoy that happiness, his light will appear. This is a fool of people. He will enjoy the music in the French and French.

Withdrawal of law

There are six kinds of Arahants in the Confucianism, namely, the Arah, the Afar, the Arah, the Arah, the Arah, the Arahant, and the Arah. Among them, the derelict Arahant, because of the meditation retreat, retired from the present law.

It can be seen that the fruit will also retreat. Many people will retreat if they do not believe the evidence. If you do not believe, please refer to the illustrated theory. Different ministries have different opinions on the fruit withdrawal. In the forty-two chapters of the Buddha, the Buddha said: "It is a credible and awkward way to get the Arahant Road." I don't know which part of the forty-two chapters came from. However, this ministry believes that there are still four fruits below. Repeatedly, it can be seen that the Buddha only believes in the heart of Arahant. In other words, when it comes to three fruits, the heart will still be repeated, that is, it will greet the world, and it is possible to retreat. Of course, there are retreats and advances. If you find that you have retired, you should hurry.

7. Witness and trouble

The evidence has broken the known troubles

The first thing to repair after the testimony is the law that should be repaired by the monastic system: 1. To be greedy; 2. To be ridiculous; 3. To be greedy in color; 4. To be ridiculous in colorlessness; 5. To be idiotic; 6. To be slow; Drop it. It is not necessary to repair those that have broken my understanding. The ministry’s "saying everything has a part" in the argument divides the troubles into the troubles of the desires, the troubles of the color circles, the troubles of the colorless world, and then subdivides the troubles of the three circles into eighty-eight to make the confusion and the ninety-eighth Seeing the confusion, this teaching has been accepted by the current scholars of Northern Buddhism. However, there is no such thing as the ninety-eight in the scriptures (not on the argument), but the troubles are divided into five parts and five points. The five troubles in the desire circle are called the five-point split. The five troubles above the boundary are called the five-point split, and the five-point split is the trouble of the color world and the trouble of the colorless world.

The five divisions are the greed and jealousy that I see, refrain from seeing, doubting, and desire.

Greed has a desire for greed, color greed and colorless greed. There is a desire for the heart. Infatuated with the three worlds.

The five points are the greed of the color world, the greed of the colorless world, the fall, the slowness and the idiot. among them:

The sacred fruit is the body, the refusal, the suspicion, the three knots are known, the greed and the ambiguity are unbroken, and they are so heavy that they want to go back and forth seven times.

Stuart contains fruit repairs or does not repair the van Gogh line. It only breaks three knots, wants to be greedy and inferior, and only wants to be born in the world.

Ana must contain all the van Goghs, and break the five branches, that is, the desire to greed is broken, so do not come to the world.

Arahant fruit must be repaired in the Eight Orthodox Road.

The first fruit only breaks three knots. The greed and ambiguity of the two fruits are thin, but they are not completely absent, so you can't verify the first fruit and the second fruit with the greed and jealousy of the world. Only the three fruits that are broken down on the five can be verified by the absence of greed and blasphemy. Therefore, although I saw the first fruit, I was greedy, and I was afraid of death.

The completion of a person's first fruit is to break the three knots of the five knots, and does not break the greed and jealousy of the desire. After the initial testimony, the greed of the desire is still very heavy. If you don't understand that the initial results are just broken, I don't have any other troubles, I will doubt those who have already proved the initial results. Why are there so many troubles? That's because you don't know Dharma, thinking that there is nothing left to let me down. At the beginning of the test, it is not necessary to break the greed troubles. Just let go of my opinion, it is very easy to let go of my opinion. Because you didn't figure it out, it's hard to prove the first fruit. In fact, in all the fruit positions, the test results are the fastest, and I can see that it can be put down in a flash. However, you have to know how to fix it. When you are repairing, I will always encourage and teach you that it is not difficult to complete the first fruit, but if you go to talk to others, it is easy for a certain mage to say that the first fruit of the testimony is easy, and people will marry me. They think it is very difficult. In fact, many people in the Buddhist world have completed the initial results. He still can't believe that he can prove. These people always feel that he has certain enlightenment, but he does not dare to admit that it is the first fruit. Because he couldn't tell, he didn't know what troubles he had in the first time. In fact, he was enlightened by the first fruit, but because he was told how the first fruits were, for example, the legendary fruit would not kill the insects! Therefore, although she realized it, she did not think it was the first fruit of enlightenment. This kind of person, you let him do the present law, he will immediately appear to appear in the law.

8. There is also a fall in meditation

After completing the initial results and continuing to repair, it is no longer to let go of my seeing, but to put down the other two knots in the five branches - the desire for greed and jealousy. That is to say, when a person completes the initial results, he still has the trouble of falling off and waiting for five. You will say that it is not without falling into the meditation? No, it’s just that there is no regrets, and there is a drop in all the meditations. Many people don't know, thinking that there is no drop in the practice of meditation. There is no regret in entering the early Zen, but there is still a drop. The difference between regret and drop is that regret is a matter of regret and conscience blaming oneself for doing something wrong. Then he thought that I was a sinner all day, I was very sinful, so that he could not enter the first meditation. Therefore, the regrets will hinder the meditation. If a person regrets all day and thinks that he is very sinful and regrets all day, there is no way to enter the first meditation. The drop is to recall a certain thing all day and recall a certain realm. For example, when you finish the first meditation and go to the second meditation, concentrate on the realm of breathing and concentrating on the meditation. The loss of the heart will remind you to return to the first meditation and enjoy the happiness of the first zen. That is to say, after you have finished the first meditation, you will be obsessed with the first meditation and you will lose the whole meditation. Therefore, a person who has a serious drop can not get a higher decision, but he does not understand that it is caused by the drop to keep him in the original. Instead, he would say how can there be a fall in meditation? He did not know that the fall was also caused by the five-point split, which was the most serious trouble in the color world and the colorless world. Therefore, we have to figure out that if you don’t want to come out after you have settled in a certain position, you have to fix a certain set of rules and slip back to the original setting, that is, you have greed for the meditation--color greed. This greed will let you drop. In addition, it is crazy. Ignorance is ignorance, and there are still many things that I don't know. Those who finish the initial results will find that my slowness is a serious problem. The deeper you cultivate, the more you feel that others are not as good as you are. This is my slow trouble. The clearer the mind is, the slower I am and the heavier and heavier.

Unless it is Arahant, otherwise I am slow, can't comment on the first three fruits with me slow.

9. Should look at the five

Some practitioners watched the minds of life and death, and observed the righteous thoughts before, and later lost their righteous thoughts because of various reasons such as work and earning a living. The reason was that they decided to retreat. Such a person must first fix the four Zens and then revisit the five times. Don't think that meditation and travel have been repaired and you don't have to fix it. Re-viewing the five lines is to re-establish your micro-heart, re-master to see the first thought, and then begin to watch the mind and death. If you have not seen clearly the thoughts of the first thoughts, you will go to see and die, and you will deceive yourself. Therefore, it is important to practice observation and observation. If you look at the heart of the mind, you can go to see the birth and death of the mind.

10. To worry about the environment

Once you realize that you are unintentional, you can hide for a while and train to keep it. After that, you must come out to face the realm, and then keep the heart in mind when you master this heart. Once you are upset, you will know immediately, and then put your troubles down. Therefore, the average person practices into different stages, and needs to be tempered in different environments. At the beginning, in the practice of the dojo, everything is well arranged and not disturbed. Such practice is the flower cultivated in the greenhouse. After the practitioner reaches the unintentional, he must face the storm test. If you can't stand the storm at the beginning, you can try to repair it in the greenhouse for a while, and finally you have to face the environment that bothers you, if you avoid the troubles that bother you. Environment, you will still face an annoyed day.

11. Living environment of Bazhengdao

Is it possible to prove Arahanthus? In the southern Buddhism countries, it is possible that Chinese monasteries are unlikely, because it is indifferent to die in the Arahant tomorrow. It doesn't matter if you don't have to eat. Therefore, Arahant does not worry about life, but he wants to live a life of the Eight Orthodox. It is difficult to see the temples and temples in line with the living environment of the Eighth Road. It is not suitable for the Arahant in the temples. There are many temples that do not conform to the commandments, and there are too many chores and interfere with the practice life. Most of the repairs of the deportees need to be far from the cumbersome secular, to have their own time, so to hide in a relatively free place to repair. It is difficult to self-study in modern temples, and the temple is only suitable for joint repair. The time, the kind of life, and the things that the temple arranges are hard to correspond to your practice. You can't arrange your own homework. For example, it is fixed before the morning class, and after three hours, you have to be defamed. Hey, you lazy ghost, don't come to do morning classes, don't eat when you eat! Someone came to fight when you were very eager to cultivate. Therefore, I said that temple life is only suitable for everyone to work together, but the progress of the practice is not common. The temples are not suitable for the life of individual people. If you want to hone your mind, you have to be indifferent and can be honed in the temple. However, if you want to complete the Arahanthus, it is very difficult in the temple. There are so many things in the temple that you can't finish Aloha. For example, there is a lottery in the temple, and Arahant cannot do this kind of thing. In addition, the temple is cooked by the monks themselves, and the Arahant will only serve, not eating the food cooked by the people. Fanfuqiu thinks that he is a lazy person. Don't talk too much. Too much is to talk about the bad things about the temple.

That is to say, the temple has formed that kind of lifestyle, so it is not suitable for you to complete the Arahanthus. However, temples in some countries of Buddhism in South China are suitable, and some dojos in the mainland are also suitable. In other words, the dojos in the precepts must go through halls and walks, and the monks cannot make eating halls. The monastic hall is a sin. Therefore, many factors have caused Arahant to leave the monastery. If you want to complete the Arahanthus, you have to live the Eight Ways, you can only live alone, only live in the mountains. But there is still a problem with living in the mountains, and Arahant does not cook for himself. Who is on the mountain? Living in the city, you will be caught by the police when you go for food. It depends on your fate.

11. Into the air

If you continue to repair, there is still a stage to repair. That stage is something that many practices can achieve. That is, you will enter a kind of light, this light is difficult to distinguish, how can it be difficult to distinguish? Because some people see the light in the first zen. Some people will see different light in the first meditation to the fourth meditation, and they can see the light at the time of watching the heart and the dying. In the anthology, it is necessary to prove that the Arahant is to be entered into the King Kong, and that it is called the testimony in the Southern Buddhism. When you enter the air, you will see a light. How did he get into this light? It is not allowed to enter from meditation. Four meditations cannot be entered into the martial arts. They must be entered with meditation and enter with wisdom and mind. There is a phenomenon before this decision. If you are interested, you can check the death records of some people who have died and come back to see how they have experienced the experience of death and prove their experience of death like death. The witnesses who enter the air are first separated from the world, and finally there will be light. Some people in the South Buddhism say that this is a testimony. You can check out some of the early Zen ancestors who talked about how to get into Nirvana. I will also talk about this. In other words, Nirvana is to know how to die, that is, it must first be realized by wisdom, and then it will first feel the death of the body when it enters Nirvana. Finally, it proves that the heart is not born or dead, and it is clear that it is separated from the body and mind. That is to say, in the Tantrics, at the stage of death, it will pass through the stage of legal light, and at the time, if you don’t feel obsessed with death at the time, you can prove emptiness, but you are not lost when you die, too few people can do it. It is. If you continue to repair, you can go to the body to verify the air.

Question and answer

Q: What happens to people who enter the air?

Teacher A: After the person who enters the situation comes out, he will have a feeling that there is nothing to repair in the world. However, according to the classic saying, after he came out, he felt that there was no repair and no evidence, that is, what he had done. He should know one thing more, that is, know that there is no next life. If he thinks that he has done nothing without repairing and undocumenting, he is still not sure that he has no next life. In fact, he is not completely free.

Question: If a person proves Arahang, will he still retreat?

Teacher A: Different ministries have different opinions. If you are interested, you can go to the "The Different Buddhism", which records the different views of the various factions on the evidence. These different opinions will not be retired after discussing the evidence. How can we call the evidence? Everyone has different opinions. Some ministries said that the first fruit will not retreat. The reason is that the first fruit belongs to Hui, and it is not the trouble of repairing the road. I think that when I see the Tao, I will be confused and confused. I will see you forever after I see it. I will not retreat. However, some ministries said that the first fruit will also retreat. As for the Arrohan retreat, there are several kinds of arguments. The South Buddhism says that it will not retreat. Many other ministries say that the Arahant will retreat, and the retreats are different. (Please refer to the "Zhong Ahan·Dapin Futianjing" recorded later.) Some ministries said that Arahant would retreat to the first fruit because they said that the first fruit definitely did not retreat. However, some ministries said that Arahant would retreat to even the first fruit. In addition, some ministries also said that Arahant only retired from the current law, but when he died, he was still Arahant; because of illness, because of all kinds of karma, he decided to retreat, and some troubles were born and retired, but they lived, but they It is said that Arohan should never worry about those problems, just because his strength is not enough, and the troubles come to me. There are various sayings.

Q: Will the first fruit still be reincarnation?

Teacher A: Still. Up to seven times.

Q: Will he still be a beast?

Teacher A: No. All ministries have said that the first fruit will never fall.

Q: Will he still encounter Dharma?

Teacher A: According to the cause of the first fruit, he will continue to practice, and he will certainly encounter Dharma, otherwise he will not be able to escape within seven reincarnations. If you are afraid of suffering from the round, you can make a wish to live in the world of bliss after the first fruit. What do you know about life? At least Chinese products. The next product is the ordinary, the Chinese product is the witness, the top is the big bodhisattva.

Question: What about the Luohan?

Teacher A: If Luo Han is bent on becoming a big Arahant, this kind of Luohan still has to come back to this world. But there are several arguments. One way of saying this is that the Great Arhats did not come back to the world in response to the incarnation. But the Chinese believe that Arahant will continue to be incarnate. For example, the Jigong Living Buddha is an example. It is time to reincarnate, and to come to the sentient beings, to continue to associate with all beings and to do his bodhisattva.

Q: Will he still be fascinated?

Teacher A: Most people will still be lost. Although there is a fascination, he will continue to practice, and soon realize. Not only Luohan, but also those who completed the first fruit and even reincarnate to where there is no Dharma, they will practice themselves. Because of the power of the industry, he will go to practice. When you first encounter an outside road, you should first practice the foreign road law, such as practicing Qigong or Taoism.

Q: If he has already proved a fruit position, will he still prove this fruit when he returns? Will he still encounter Dharma?

The teacher said: If you can prove the evidence, you will have a deep relationship with the Dharma. You will definitely encounter the Dharma.

Q: Is it the same as the light seen in the middle body?

The teacher said: You can see the light at the timing, and you can see the light in the middle body. But not the same. Everyone sees light, there is no way to tell. Therefore, if you want to distinguish clearly, you must finish the four Zens. You can clearly distinguish the light you see in all the different settings. And the same set will see different lights at different times.

Q: How to fix it?

The teacher said: After the cultivation of the mind has reached the point of no intention, you can further repair the five, six, seven, and eight colorless. If you have a good strength, finish the five, six, seven, and eight, and finally you can enter the end. Those who can enter the end of the game must be at least three fruits. When the time is gone, some people will head down. In fact, when the mind is born and the mind is unintentional, sometimes the head will be low. The reason is that when the height is unintentional, the heart does not control the body, and the neck loses control and the head will be lowered. Therefore, some people who have no intentions, when his head is low, others think he is dozing off. The person who knows knows when he approaches it. When a person enters the annihilation or does not want to be regular, there will be a strong magnetic field around him. When he is close to this person, he will have a feeling of wanting to settle. Four meditations and eight meditations are all determined, and they are determined and settled. Destruction is indefinite, and no heart is determined to be settled, given, and unsettled. Steps to destroy the whole set: When you sit down at first, I first think that I am going to enter the annihilation, and then I will enter the four meditations, and then you will not have the idea of entering the annihilation. Because it is unintentional, you can't enter as you like. Only some of the saints who have been given more than three fruits will naturally enter into extinction after the four meditations. In addition, the insufficiency is determined, and when he comes out, he is unintentional.